may be up in her DREAM…

4:11 am

Coming things got nothing with the title…But it’s just something I heard that if you can’t sleep…It’s because you are awaken in someone else’s dream. Senseless but hope giving.

Just another night..Where I’m listening how the sound of police sirens patrolling faded into birds chirping. Also how nothing matters at all. And believe… whoever said that this sound is beautiful…Don’t had work, coz it really not pleases but annoys, infuriates. I’m insomniac.. may that was only missing. So well here it is. Why is it so important ?? This honesty…What is this obsession to it. I mean it’s just too much. Well…I know I m really not right person to advocate this subject but I want to know people from where I see….It’s just waste…waste.
Most untruthful thing I’ve heard about love is honesty. Because you really could not have had her or him. If you have had been honest when they asked what you think of them….& You have said they are most beautiful person you’ve ever seen…& believe it or not They might have had ran to mirror… glaring themselves & they believed it…& I don’t know rest of it…But one of those hundred time you have said this….You meant it…You knew it…May be just once…But you meant it.

This most beautiful person is  same person… who was taking medications, supplements just to mend some oddities ( FYI your so called honest pups don’t like them too) , problem with clothing ( size matters) , emotionally​, socially, timid or shy whatever you say….That person knows it all… But that just became thing of past.

Now… tell me… are you really looking for honest opinions? coz my love it’s just not like that….Love just don’t works like that…

( Again that chirp…I’m gonna shot these wingy-tingys)

Recall that first greet you had…& tring to act like Harvard graduates…

After time you were like not talking anymore…Like nothing left after knewing each other’s fav color, fav movie etc.

But then…Very one day…Some creep topic & how you spent night over smartening each other ( well these are just references…You may have different boring story)

& Then time & senselessness took over cockpit.

You are in love my friend… & Sign is If you finds yourself awake… Specifically if it’s 4.50….

Pheww…Thank god it’s 4.51😅😅

But point is I can’t…No one can be honest…When it’s you ( your you, you know…This is my you.)

 On behalf of every dishonest but real lover.. Here’s our oath
“I say all right things to you..that’s what I do…I say to you what I feel about you…Will keep doing it, to keep you by my side..Truth or lie are now just words…& You look so beautiful when you smile, cry, scream, angry, running, anything you do”😋

My parents when I see them…I ask myself….Why are they together? I mean they are so different..(in common ways…Our ways)

Like my mother is frugal about money whereas my father…Let’s don’t talk about it😂. Like my mother like occasionally smiling…That too when you don’t leaves switches on when you aren’t in room😂….& My father always laughing loud…& much more. 

Now here’s a catch…They can be like all honest to each other…. They are married after all,  for very long time. But,

It’s just love empowers the fact that my mother is not most beautiful woman in the world… But for my father she is one, only one in the world.

These emotions..these feelings.. I see this in them…I feel this in them.

In brevity, if I love you….I will say.. I’ll do..I’ll be whatsoever that will make you feel good, beautiful, more mine.

“When I said it, I meant it”.
Go people….. rise above these false believes​ & go make your own.  


Now tips…

Well..It’s good if someone​ loves you for who you are….

But after a while..if that person doesn’t improves you on some practical levels (not shitty emotional stuff that you can learn from any Indian movie)…he is sick bastard…Looking for sex toy..Don’t hesitate to kick his balls.

 ( Don’t go down this…Be a good reader…Down there I got personal note..Okk thanks..)

Hey sweetie,

I hope you are smiling….

Keep it there…..

& Yeah…Leaving me was your choice …keep Loving you is mine…

( you assholes…Not you sweetie) 

5.29am..Good Morning😇



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